Harvest Haven News –  New Year 2017

Blessed New Year to you and family! It has been a long silence but I am glad it is finally broken. In
February 2015, Joyce suffered her second stroke. She was recovering but unfortunately could not attend Joni and Brian’s Houston wedding in May as she was still weak. Then another stroke came in June 2015 and she was totally bedridden until she passed on into the presence of God, 14 months later, on August 31, 2016. We were hopeful for a miraculous healing but more thankful now that she is no longer in pain and suffering. Thank you all for praying for us and through it all, enabling us to experience the Lord’s adequacy and abundance.

Project Ezra – was delayed because of Joyce’s illness but not given up. Some changes have to be made and, God willing, works can start by mid-year 2017. We don’t have all the funds but we trust God to provide as we move forward to start it. Cost has gone up a lot and we either have to scale down and maintain the budget or maintain the same size with an increased budget of RM2.00 million.
Bible School – We need the Project Ezra building for the Bible School while maintaining the present building to generate funds to support it. Bible School has been running for six consecutive years in the past and now needs a new home to run all the eight modules throughout the year. Each module is one month duration and students can come for any module at any time of the year. Our goal is to equip and prepare effective workers for Christ in the harvest. Pray and be a part of this strategic work through your financial gifts. The good news is God will provide, but will you let Him?

10th Anniversary - May 26-28
In conjunction with this occasion we will be celebrating in a slightly bigger scale in anticipation of better things to come! The Anniversary conference theme is “Looking Backward, Pressing Forward” based on Philippians 3:13-14 with sessions conducted by Rev. Lim Boon Seng from Singapore. This is one conference you should not miss or be worried about the cost because it is free of charge! Please register early. Those unable to attend the full conference are welcome to join us for the Anniversary celebration on May 28, Sunday at 4.30pmwhich ends with a sumptuous buffet at 6.30pm. All are welcome but do please indicate your attendance. Watch out for the Anniversary flyers!
Prayer Garden – About 10 years ago we envisioned a prayer garden in Harvest Haven, and sothe best trees were planted. Today, these Gaharu trees have matured and are providing shade. Besides that, we harvest the leaves to make tea which is famously known to help those who have diabetes, gout, insomnia, allergies, etc. In a few months, we would be able to stroll in this garden to meditate and pray, and smell the richness of the greenery! Beside the garden is also a pond home to wild fishes, water spinach, and snails.
Farm – We do have a farm albeit small… 6 turkeys, a pair of Guinea fowls, chickens, cockerels, and geese. There are 8 dogs taking care of them and they coexist happily with each other!
Torchbearers International Staff Conference – June 17-24
We look forward with great anticipation to the Torchbearers International Staff conference which will be held this year. Four staff members from Capernwray Malaysia will be attending. We will have opportunities to fellowship and worship with our international staff community of 26 centers, get to know them, learn from them to help us serve better, and make ourselves relevant in this fast changing world.
Nissan Urvan 14 seater
As mentioned in our previous newsletters, we need a sponsor/ sponsors for the purchase of a 14-seater van for our growing work and ministry. Apart from transporting students and guests, the vehicle will be used for mission trips. Please consider meeting this need as the Lord impresses upon you. We hope to raise RM100K before January 2018.

Staff Vacancies

Farmer/ Gardener – Experienced in gardening and organic farming of fruits and vegetables, as well as landscaping.
Cook – Responsible for cooking for staff and guests.
Bible Teacher – Able to teach Bible courses and ministerial skills to Bible school students.

Family Highlights

John – Life is never the same for me since Joyce went to be with the Lord on August 31, 2016. Being the caregiver for 14 months after her 3rd stroke was like walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Learning to press on and cope without her was even more difficult especially during the first month.  For the first time I celebrated Christmas and the Chinese New Year without her but at the same time thanking God for the 31 wonderful years we had with each other on earth. However, I must point out that I have genuinely experienced God’s presence and outworking in my life. He has lifted my burden and renewed my mind. He has enabled me to see His purpose beyond Joyce’s suffering and pain. What more, the knowledge and assurance that we see each other again! She left us with a legacy of faithfulness to the Lord Jesus, the family and the ministry. Truly she was an inspiration to us all! We all miss you Joyce!

Joni and Brian – were married on May 17, 2015 in Magnolia, Texas. We were unable to make it for the wedding as Joyce was still recovering from her second stroke. Yes, we were disappointed but that was the right decision. We watched from home through Skype and I was able give away our daughter and deliver my speech (that’s us on the phone!). Johnson, Rachel and her mother, Serene attended the wedding. We were very honoured that Mrs. Joan Thomas (the Matron of Honor for Joni) and Bonnie Thomas attended their wedding. Joni and Brian live in Houston and are active members of their church. They lead a young adults small group together and enjoy hosting people in their new home. Joni recently joined DiabetesAmerica as a diabetes educator, a change from her previous job as a renal dietitian with a dialysis company. Brian works as a project engineer with a German company in Katy. His family is also from Malaysia, and it has been a delight building relationships with his parents and family.

Johnson and Rachel – Recently, Johnson and Rachel have decided to move back to Malaysia from Singapore. They have completed their relocation in January 2017 and will be based in Kuala Lumpur. Praise God for providing timely employment opportunities for both of them! Please keep them in prayer as they search for a place to stay.

Pray for us

  1. 10th Anniversary May 26-28
  2. Project Ezra
  3. Completion of Prayer Garden
  4. Purchase of ministry van
  5. Raising 2017 mission support for Pakistan work (USD$2000). I plan to visit the mission field this year and continue supporting the Joseph Colony work and Bible school. Please join hands with us.
  6. Recommencement of Bible school in 2018.
Blessings in Christ who is our life,
John Lee, Director

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